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Martin And Emma Claimed Victory In Race

Some of the adults chose to use some of the top players left out of the junior training.

With daughter Lucy with her mother Paul Burton in their new double handler in training for the winter series of this season, with only few boats, the start got under way having rigging issues.

The pair of Neal Tack and Will Cook was not able to conclude setting their boat up for the start in time. Nevertheless, they caught up soon in the up and down wind sections along with their spinnaker rolling up to second on the water. In spite of her position in the fleet, junior Emma Agar was persistently within handicap to the leaders – struggling to stay erect in the strongest of gusts.

On the other hand, Martin Cook Result: 1 Agar, 2 P & L Burton, 3 Cook & Tack. The clear victory during the afternoon points series was already taken by Tom Bell, wind strengthening all the time, few decided to be seated this one out on the other hand, the sailors such juniors Agar and Burton opted the position of the double handed topper. (more…)

Reports From Tenby Sailing Club


The race of the Round Caldey Island and Club Regatta are scheduled for 24 June and 25 June, and it is once again sponsored by Lewis Lewis and Co Ltd the local solicitors. On Saturday three races will take place and then on Sunday, there will be a Round Caldey race, the day will conclude with the prize-giving ceremony on Sunday afternoon. The team price of the event is £500. The organizers are welcoming everybody, so if you have the team then come here and go on.

Like always, this year also the volunteers are welcomed to take part in the race.  To register the entry or confirms participation in the event, one can get in touch with the organizers via their email account lewisedward1@googlemail.com. The email belongs to Ted Lewis.

Club sailing

It was again windy on Saturday for the scheduled three races for the June Cup in the summer series of club run by Lucas and Ted.

With the upwind start a triangular course was set for the first race, the North Beach was marked off by the windward, St. Catherine’s east of by the give and start line off Monkstone. (more…)

Nur On Rio Olympics Experience

There have been several sailors who have risen to fame as well as to world recognition at the Rio Olympics that were held in August this year. One such name is that of Nur Shazrin Mohamed Latif.

She started to sail or to learn the art at the age of eight. Being a native of Pasir Gudang, Johor in Malaysia, she states that her family coaxed her into trying the sport though she was not too interested in it. However, as she learned the sport she became notable among sailors representing her country. The pinnacle of her efforts was reached this year when she was given the opportunity to represent her country at the Olympics in the category of laser radial class. She was shortlisted from the competitions that were held for Asian countries in Abu Dhabi. (more…)

Governor’s Gold Cup Regatta Concluded

Governor’s gold cup regatta third edition concluded on 26 October. In three days long event Tamil Nadu sailing association crowned as champion of the event. The association owns this event last time too. The completion took place under extreme weather condition, but all the teams performed their best in event and TNSA emerged as the winner while host team Nainital yacht club secured second position. The competition was very close between both the teams.

Governor’s gold cup regatta started on 23 October. Total four teams participated in this event to showcase their skills of sailing. The teams were Nainital yacht club, Tamil Nadu sailing association, Secunderabad sailing club and adventure sailing sports marine foundation of Mumbai. Both veteran and amateur sailors participated in the event. In the event Nainital yacht club secured second position.

Talking about the event to Croatian Yacht Charters, the winner team said “we are really happy to see we have won this crown again. Every passing year this event is gaining popularity and we are hoping to see more time participating in this event in the coming years.” (more…)

Lightning NAs Starts Off Great Races

With Rio sailing races more or less concluded, it might be time to take a look at the different championships that is going on in different countries. Most sailing and yachting sporting activities take place during the summer and this is the peak season for all kinds of competitive sailing events.

In New York the Samson Lightning North American championship has ensued for 2016. It was kicked off on 18th August 2016. The championship started off with a day that was windy as the crews waited for the wind to pick up as the previous days had been light, airy days not enough for sailing to take place. (more…)

Georgian Bay Sailing Regatta

Among the sailing regattas across the world, there is a new event that is ready for launch this year. It is the sailing regatta at Georgian Bay. The regatta is planned to promote events like course racing or simply traveling from one port to another.

The emphasis is to build a feeling of comradery so that sailors who share a common passion can come together in this region. (more…)

Piriou’s Yersin, a giant beast

Piriou’s Yersin, a two-hundred-fifty foot expedition yacht, earlier made its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show. Francois Fiat, the owner of the yacht, selected the yard as he wanted a vessel that would be as racy as the commercial boats Piriou has made in its history.
The yacht was named Alexandre Yersin by Francois Fiat. The Swiss born, French scientist, who is also an avid adventurer, has traveled the world to look for many diseases. Piriou and Fiat had three conditions that the world-class adventurer had to meet – the yacht had to be able to sail with an broadened rate in all waters—from polar regions to tropics. It also had to be eco-friendly, both in its onboard systems and propulsion. And, Yersin had to be highly versatile and comfortable, since the owner as well as his guests might be spending months onboard.
The 18-passenger yacht can easily accommodate twenty-four crew members along with two captains. This figure really shows that the yacht can successfully travel anywhere the world. It can voyage among ice floes up to fifteen inches thick. It can sail quite comfortably in temperatures from minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.


Pacific Cup Yacht Club committed

When the Pacific Cup embarks on next year, the competitors on the 2070nm race from San Francisco to Kaneohe, Hawaii will be a long way from medical care in the event of an accident. But race host Pacific Cup Yacht Club has made some arrangements to assure that help would be as close as the phone.

The Maritime Medical Access services will be accessible to the sailors during the race, offering race contestants with free remote 24/7 access to the board emergency medicine physicians for aid in managing any type of medical emergencies which may occur while you are at sea on the way to Hawaii or on the return.

Pacific Cup Yacht Club