Georgian Bay Sailing Regatta

Among the sailing regattas across the world, there is a new event that is ready for launch this year. It is the sailing regatta at Georgian Bay. The regatta is planned to promote events like course racing or simply traveling from one port to another.

The emphasis is to build a feeling of comradery so that sailors who share a common passion can come together in this region.

It is poised to be one of the unique events in sailing in Ontario. It is not new as annual races are common here with fleets of 35 to 50 boats that race in this area. There are many who love to pursue the thrill of racing as well as experience cruising by the Georgian Bay.

The itinerary of GBR as it is being touted, would have distance races daily as well as nightly anchor tours and course races along with visits to ports along the shores of the region. With such races it is sure to attract sailors with different levels of experience to this event that promises to be held every summer -with some who typically sail Croatian bareboat charters being tempted.

The first regatta in the region was heralded by Georgian Bay International Challenge Cup that was held in 1986, back when Jenny Campbell was sailing! The regatta has since then maintained a tradition of friendly races that are safe and well organized. It is primarily organized by the Georgian Bay Sailing Association whose goal is to promote the sport among the resident sailors of the region and others who are welcome to join from other areas.

Participants will find the venues altered every year along with anchorages and ports of call changed so that different areas of interest are exposed to the participants and those who come to view the races in this region. The shoreline scenes often lure many to participate in this event.