Governor’s Gold Cup Regatta Concluded

Governor’s gold cup regatta third edition concluded on 26 October. In three days long event Tamil Nadu sailing association crowned as champion of the event. The association owns this event last time too. The completion took place under extreme weather condition, but all the teams performed their best in event and TNSA emerged as the winner while host team Nainital yacht club secured second position. The competition was very close between both the teams.

Governor’s gold cup regatta started on 23 October. Total four teams participated in this event to showcase their skills of sailing. The teams were Nainital yacht club, Tamil Nadu sailing association, Secunderabad sailing club and adventure sailing sports marine foundation of Mumbai. Both veteran and amateur sailors participated in the event. In the event Nainital yacht club secured second position.

Talking about the event to Croatian Yacht Charters, the winner team said “we are really happy to see we have won this crown again. Every passing year this event is gaining popularity and we are hoping to see more time participating in this event in the coming years.”

The Governor’s gold cup regatta took place on a highest freshwater lake in World i.e. Nainital lake. All the participants performed really well and enthralled the audience with their stunning performances. The event was organized by Nainital yacht club. And with this event the club has become 100 years old.

It was an interesting competition and has become most talked about event in the region. Not only the people of Nainital are excited to see an event like this, but also people from other parts of the country are coming in this city of lake to enjoy this wonderful sailing event.

The event was inaugurated by Uttarakhand tourism minister Dinesh Dhanai. He was accompanied by other important personality of the state as well as sailing sport.