Nur On Rio Olympics Experience

There have been several sailors who have risen to fame as well as to world recognition at the Rio Olympics that were held in August this year. One such name is that of Nur Shazrin Mohamed Latif.

She started to sail or to learn the art at the age of eight. Being a native of Pasir Gudang, Johor in Malaysia, she states that her family coaxed her into trying the sport though she was not too interested in it. However, as she learned the sport she became notable among sailors representing her country. The pinnacle of her efforts was reached this year when she was given the opportunity to represent her country at the Olympics in the category of laser radial class. She was shortlisted from the competitions that were held for Asian countries in Abu Dhabi.

She states that when she was competing as one of the in the laser radial category she was not targeting to win, but simply to do her best and do her country proud. She states that the opportunity was perfect to test her skills and she how much she has improved. As she had trained for only two years, it was indeed a blessing to be shortlisted to represent her country. Sailing is a sport that takes a lot of mental and physical strength. As a result, her advice to budding sailors is that, they need to think positive besides training their bodies for the sport. For physical strength gym training is vital before one hits the waters. Self motivation is also important as that is the differentiating factor that can make one a winner or allow one to give up against adversities like competition or wind and water conditions. She feels that her experience at Rio was very valuable.