Sailing, The Generation Game Now Starts At Nationals In Napier

Hans Hengst, aged 82, from Napier, with grandson, whose age is just 13-year-old and son, 48, named Noah and Rob respectively will give tough competition in the Hartley 16 at the national regatta in Napier.

The three generations of Hengst family together give an excellent performance on water which will be unforgettable indeed during the three-day national regatta which will begin at Ahuriri waterfront

Hans Hengst of 82 is the most experienced sailor at the Napier Sailing Club-hosted nationals, including the Hartley 16, Ross 780 as well as Europe Nationals classes.

His son, Rob is the skipper of Windsong with his 13-year-old son Noah as an active crew member.

This teenager, will going to be there at Napier Boys High School from Jan 31, gets an opportunity to enter as the youngest sailor in the Hartley 16 class.

Steve Turpin, who is one of the crew members on Hans’ trailer yacht, Kum Lucky, the time during competition, weather letting them to move for three races in a day.

Rob as well as Noah will have their first training sail soon for a few hours in light, the winds and father was really happy the way his son handled jib, the way he lifted the centerboard and fetch the pole out when they moved downwind.

The ex- Napier Intermediate scholar, who has been sailing when he was just eight years old, is perfect in managing the Starling class single person boat.

During the upcoming weekend, he will have tough competition in Starling class at North Island Championship within Wellington.

Rob and Hans facilitated the youngsters with the sailing experience by providing formal training which is creditable to Noah, who has got coaching from so many programs from various classes.